Hey, if a money order came into that PO Box with no return address, I won’t ask questions!

Or if you prefer a non-goat namesake, we can name something else after you. We have a bunch of chicks due to hatch at any moment, the tractor already has a name but my truck doesn’t, our lead sheep matriarch (very confident, very bold and in your face if you mess with her flock) doesn’t have a name except “hey-knock-it-off!” when she gets too pushy. One of our mouser kitties doesn’t have a name yet, if you like kitties. Then again, for the right price, heck you could become the namesake for whatever you want. A grain combine named “Sharon”……… I’d have someone paint that on the side with really nice lettering. Not everyone gets to say they have a combine named after them. Or we could just name the combine “Generosity”. I sorta like that idea. That would carry with it the spiritual requirement that we donate part of every harvest with that machine. Say, donate it to the food bank or something. But yea, I could work with that idea. Our own spin on the tithing that DR has talked about. We already donate in various ways, but that idea just has a nice ring to it.