I am NAZAR,firstly i am kindly requesting please be with me little time to hear my LIFE STORY!

Please! i was doing my own business before and it’s floped. Left with ‘Big Financial Burden’. Then i was struggling too much with many finanical problems somebody told me that doing MLM will solve all the problems. I tried one and another and another…… many but nothing succeed. The only way left going to work but as you know it was not only solving problems but also finding very difficulties to meet the two end. Then now recently agin i came back to MLM by introducing my friend but it was toooo slow and stoped now. Then he brought another one that giving hope and start generating little income even slowly and there is hope it will success but only the problem is downbuilders/referrals. So any body can help me in any way please! i am begging to you all. Friends! i dont want to be rich just to survive first then if i can solve the ‘financial burdens’ (i had due to business flop) before i die! That is all freinds!