I know that Tomas has advocated that we change our

withholding status to ensure we don’t loan money to Uncle Sam, only to get it back without interest. If we were both working normal jobs, we would have done that. But with our previous tax years still being paid back, and the farm income in such flux, we wanted to max DH’s withholding just in case we erred in our calculations. That means the IRS withheld too much and we’ll be getting a lot of it back. Now, when you owe the IRS, and then get a refund, they’re not so naive as to actually send you the cash. They simply keep it and apply it towards your outstanding debt. In previous years, before DR, I might have snarled at that and wanted “my money” in my mitts to be spent (and probably squandered) as I saw fit. But owing over $8K and getting a $4K refund back, yea that’s just fine with me that they’ll keep it and knock down that debt by that amount. At the moment, that IRS debt is our second-largest debt on the snowball. Having that refund go towards knocking that down sure feels good!

The other thing from this past week was that we were able to use farm income to pay for the second half of our farm land lease. That was a nice “business income paying for business expenses” event. Sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s still relatively new for us to be able to pay such big bills, out of farm income, and have anything left over. The other nice thing is that by paying that on time, our landlords can now pay their county tax bill for that land on time. So they’re pleased too.

There’s something which feels pretty darn good about being square with not only Uncle Sam, but also being square with the families that we owe money to. So we continue to trundle along on the DR trail, but we covered a lot of ground last week.