I think this may help a little bit

Have him ask the people around him how long they have been in “the business”. I am sure a lot of them have been in for years. Why aren’t they millionaires yet? It is a 3-5 year plan right? Anybody that has been in it for 3+ years should be stinking rich. Why are they still in the stands at the meetings and not on the stage telling their stories?

This part is for the person that has a friend in more-crap America. I just don’t talk to the person about the company and every once in awhile ask how it is going. She always says it is going ok, but I never see her using any of the products anymore so I do not really think she is totally plugged in. I have never gone to one of their meetings but I am sure it is pretty much the same as any of the other ones. But I would like to go to one sometime just to see for myself if it is the same. I have only been to the “Invest tools” conference and it was a joke. I left in the beginning of the thing because I could see it was garbage. I went at the time because I was laid off and my friend wanted to go.
I didn’t really want to go but you do things for friends. So I ended up walking to the mall and shopped. It was much more fun then listening to those blow-hards. If these products are so great why are they giving the secrets away?
Oops I am babbling again. If there are any more more-crap America stories I would love to hear them. Also do they have the same kind MO’s?