I think what works so well for what you do is that almost anyone can do it

It is just a little bit here & little bit there. It could be as little as a few dollars on up to what we can imagine. I think my problem is thinking about it before the situation has passed & gotten away from me. It will be a matter of me paying attention in the moment. Thanks for the inspiration!

Oh, as I was about to sign off I remembered how it’s the little things that matter. I remembered when dd was in grade school and dh and were both in school–him in graduate and me in undergraduate school. Dd had had back surgery & we were broke. One day I opened our apartment door to check the mail & realized someone anonymously dropped off a bag of groceries at our door. It was such a blessing! We never knew who dropped it off but God knows & that is what matters. They will be blessed for their generosity. Sometimes we think the small gesture we want to do won’t matter much in the scheme but let me tell you … that bag of groceries meant the world to us! Your small gesture could do the same for someone else.