Mattress Giant was, generally speaking

a pretty good sales job because they paid during training, and even during the low weeks, you’d receive at least minimum wage (just as part of natural variance, a week can be way up or way down). Plus, the sales managers were generally good coaches. (And plus, we actually sold a product which was ballpark to comparable products. And sometimes, genuinely good deals.)

Gulf Development was a bad sales job because they didn’t pay during training, they didn’t tell us until later that you could expect 6 weeks before you started making money. I worked for them way back in 1983 as a 20 yr old. They sell outdoor signs to businesses. They showed us a film of Zig Ziglar (nothing automatically wrong with that, but it is a sign; positive thinking is a good thing, but I’ve since learned that many shakey outfits greatly over-emphasize it; and the sales manager was sometimes, often a blamer). Immediately after training, they took us on this unannounced field trip to get away from “the negative influences of friends and family.” And that is a huge HUGE red flag. Yeah, the whole thing was a lot like a MLM outfit. And no, there was no guarantee of minimum wage, it was commission all the way.

I would be interested in other people’s experiences, the good, the bad, and the in-between.