That’s a good idea

There is a downside and I’ll present it and see how we can counter it. The king pins (or king pimps) “train” people to blame themselves. This is also the kind of thing people do in abusive marriages. If a husband is abusive, he blames it on his wife (“You made me hit you. You know when supper is late I get angry and have to hit someone. It’s your fault!”). In this case, they know most people will fail, so they teach them to blame themselves. (“This is the greatest opportunity ever and if it’s not working, then you’re not working hard enough!”)

Many people will say something like, “I’ve been in 5 years, but it just hasn’t worked for me because I haven’t worked hard enough.”

One possible counter is to ask people what they have done. If you’re there with someone, start with that. Build up a base of this person talking about how good they are at it, how hard they’ve worked, at the sacrifices they’ve made, then, when they are talking about all that and how hard they’ve worked, ask how long they’ve been in.

That builds up an image of years of work and not making it, as opposed to allowing them to say, “I just didn’t work hard enough.”