There is a post in the moderation queue that is strongly

I’ve been able to see it and it’s the kind of thing that we’d all never see on the list because of the content. There are parts of it that are so typical of MLM-speak and reminded me so much of the mis-truths, mis-representations, and mis-directions of “The Plan” when I was asked my my ex-gf to see it, that I’ve asked Paine to let it through.


I’ve posted on logical fallacies before and one thing we’ve talked about over and over and over are the ways MLMs twist the truth.

Well, this is a perfect example of that. It’s statements made by the faithful, considered by the faithful to be a true representation of how wonderful their group is and why everyone in the world should join.
It’s typical MLM-speak, which means it pretends to make sense and even seems to make sense when read late at night, after a few beers, but, when examined with the slightest focus on logic, falls to pieces in the light of day.

So, by my request, this post will be let through.

Then I’m going to take it apart, piece by piece, not caring if the
original poster can respond or not. My intent is not to belittle or to call names, but to take the typical recruitment BS and create a template we can all use to focus on what is wrong with with these speeches.

It may help, at some point, when we hear from someone who has just been exposed to the big lie because we can start a discussion and ask them questions about what they’ve heard, repeat (roughly) what’s been said, then use more questions to get them to see how the statement is so misleading.

So if you hate the post or find it offensive, blame me. I ask that others join with analyzing what is said, but not in a mean or vindictive way. Do this dispassionately so we can focus on truth, not anger or other feelings or opinions. The purpose is not to call anyone names, but to understand the fallacies and to deal with them.

If you do find the post offensive, I would suggest finding the parts that you find to be untrue or rude and pointing them out. After all, if a person doesn’t see their mistakes, they can’t learn from them.