We have seen, over and over, as you have seen, that MLMs just don’t work

They’re designed to take money from the low level people and funnel it to the high level people, all the while convincing people that they will soon be at the top and making money.

The best thing any of us can do to help you is to encourage you to GET OUT NOW! Yes, get out before you put more money in it.

It looks like what’s happened to you is that you found yourself with a large debt and you’re looking for a fast way to pay it off. MLMs do not work that way. If it were really easy to just use a magic formula and get rich, don’t you think it’d be well known? If these things really did work and make all who entered them wealthy AND helped the people “higher up” in the pyramid, wouldn’t they just start advertising on TV and everywhere else?

There is no easy or sure fire way to get rich quick. Honestly, you have a better chance getting rich in a casino than in an MLM. I’ve looked at the figures for how many people do well in an MLM and the odds show that you’ve got a better chance of getting rich playing blackjack or some other card game at a casino.

To be honest, if you want to pay off the debt, you’ll need to do it the old fashioned way: find a good job that pays well. Or, better yet, find a good job that you love and want to do. Then you’ll enjoy it and do well at it.

Sorry for being so cold-hearted, but that’s the bottom line. Nobody here will want to help you with an MLM because we’ve all seen what a pack of lies all of them are.